our story

Our story begins March 31, 2023, a night of revelation. A favorite band of ours entertained a small crowd with an acoustic set. One of the more stoic individuals in our group found himself overwhelmed with emotion as he listened to a ballad about love and loss.  His emotion surprised us. It surprised him.  He realized that a cannabis gummy helped spark this expression of emotion. And that was the moment we had our revelation. Sometimes we need help to feel.  A song, a painting, or a snowy morning in the mountains may help us to reflect on something buried inside us...and maybe a little something extra is needed to help turn reflection into expression. We coined it emotionally weedy.

Since that night in March, we've explored the concept of being emotionally weedy. We realized being emotionally weedy may resonate with a great number of people.  Sometimes people who face a daily grind of being a professional or a parent or care-giver or a student, sometimes they don't have the space to be something other than serious or focused or determined.  And maybe it takes a little something extra to help them to relax and reflect and maybe even to reveal the depths of the emotions for the simple beauty in words or experiences.

No matter how serious life is most days, it's more than ok to be emotionally weedy.